• August 28 - 30, 2018 Wroclaw, PL
  • October 16 - 18, 2018 Prague, CZ
  • November 14 - 16, 2018 Warsaw, PL
  • December 18 - 20, 2018 Warsaw, PL




Prosci® Change Management Certification Program [ENG]



Providing interactive, hands-on training in Prosci’s research-based 3-Phase Change Management Process

Training value

The Prosci® Change Management Certification Program uses Prosci’s research-based change management methodology and tools to drive successful outcomes by focusing on the people side of change. At the end of the program, participants are certified in the Prosci® Change Management Methodology and are able to lead their organizations successfully through incremental and radical changes—building and customizing a change management strategy and change management plans for communications, sponsorship, coaching and training, which target individual transitions to achieve desired business results.

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  • 28-30.08.2018 Uroczysko 7 Stawów near Wroclaw, Poland
  • 16-18.10.2018 near Prague, Czech Republic
  • 14-16.11.2018 Zdunowo Palace near Warsaw, Poland
  • 18-20.12.2018 Zdunowo Palace near Warsaw, Poland

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We are pleased to announce that BPI Poland will offer open enrollment of the Prosci® Change Management Certification Program in Czech Republic in the next months. We will inform you about the details soon!


Customers say they choose Prosci for their change management approach because Prosci’s resources are:

  • Research-based, leveraging lessons learned from multiple research studies with over 3,400 organizations around the world since 1998
  • Holistic, including both individual and organizational models that drive results at all levels of an organization
  • Easy-to-use, providing tools, templates and checklists that are integrated into an easy-to-use framework for managing change at all levels
  • Results-oriented, helping organizations drive the desired outcomes of their projects

Program Topics

  1. Concepts of Change
    • Theories and Perspectives
    • Connecting Change Management to Business Results
    • Research Foundation
    • Concepts of Change
  2. Change Management Process
    • Prosci® ADKAR® Model
    • Prosci® 3-Phase Change Management Process
  3. Preparing for Change
    • Define Your Change Management Strategy
    • Prepare Your Change Management Team
    • Develop Your Sponsor Model
  4. Managing Change
    • Develop Change Management Plans
    • Take Action and Implement Plans
  5. Reinforcing Change
    1. Collect and Analyze Feedback
    2. Diagnose Gaps and Manage Resistance
    3. Implement Corrective Action and Celebrate Successes


Program Materials included with Tuition:

  • Change Management Toolkit 
  • Lifetime access to the online tool Change Management Pilot Professional™ 
  • Best Practices in Change Management benchmarking report, 2014 Edition 
  • Employee’s Survival Guide to Change (paperback book)
  • Change Management: the people side of change (paperback book)
  • ADKAR®: a model for change in business, government and our community (paperback book)
  • Program slides and handouts

Tuition Fee also includes:

  • Assuring Prosci quality standards and requirements before and during certification program
  • Coordination of program preparation, contact with Prosci, starting 4-6 weeks prior to the program
  • Preparation and sending of welcome letters and pre-work assignments for participants
  • Contact with the venue coordinator before the program
  • Prosci Change Management certificates for participants who will successfully pass the exam
  • Lot of fun and hard work

Additional costs:

  • Venue costs (accommodation for participants, main classroom, 3-4 breakout rooms, welcome dinner on Day 0, breakfast and lunch on days 1-3, dinner on days 1-2, special event on Day 1)


    Krzysztof Ogonowski, CEO BPI Poland, Prosci Instructor

    President of BPI Poland. His consulting experience comes from projects
    involving the implementation of major changes and organizational
    transformation in some of the biggest companies operating
    in Poland in the service, power generation, telecommunication,
    banking and media sectors. He has over 15 years of training
    experience and academic experience at Warsaw School
    of Economics in Project Management, Change Management
    and leadership development. He is a founding member of
    ACMP - Association of Change Management Professionals,
    responsible for ACMP development in Europe,member of PMI
    and IPMA, and an ICC coach as well as Certified
    PROSCI Instructor in Change Management.




For further information or to register contact Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.+48 694 459 476.



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